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Value Proposition Design

Value Proposition Design

Finding the answer to what the market is asking

Value Proposition Design is a strategic process needed to create compelling value propositions for your product or service. It starts with understanding the needs and desires of the target market and focuses on designing offerings that effectively address those needs in a unique and valuable way.

Value Proposition Design helps you articulate the benefits you provide to customers and communicate them effectively, ultimately driving customer acquisition and retention. This may seem like something you have already covered but the question is: is your proposition adding value? Is it a real answer to what the market is asking for? Find your answer!

What you get


Insights into the questions and challenges of your market


Value Proposition Canvas brainstorm session


Definition and personas of your target audience


Different Value Proposition tested on your market


A simple yet unique Value Proposition

Why Choose Us

Why choose Merluno for your value proposition design?

We don’t believe in magic. A unique value proposition is crafted while using it. While having in-depth conversations with key people in your market, we’ll write and rewrite your story until it fits the market’s expectations.



How can we help you?

Do you want to speak the language of your market? Do you want to challenge your current value proposition? Or are you looking for a unique value proposition for your product or service?

Drop us a message or leave your number and we’ll call you back within 24 hours.