We know (the right people in) your industry

Our work doesn’t limit itself to any industry. That said, over the years we have specialized in 4 industries: Construction, IT & Tech, Life Science, and Manufacturing. The result is not only years of experience but also a strong network of stakeholders in these industries.

Our phone book allows us to get the right insights from the right people from day 1. This will help you to dive deeper into your market, launch new products or services sooner, and start doing sales much quicker.

Discover our main industries, have a closer look at client cases, and read corresponding testimonials.



Construction has always been one of our favorite industries because of its high level of entrepreneurship and courage.


IT & Tech

The never-ending quest for innovation has not only been driving this industry forward at an incredible speed, but it also drives the digital evolution of our society.


Life Science

These are exciting times for the industry, and we are happy to be part of it. We have had the opportunity to help companies to successfully launch new products in Europe.



The manufacturing industry is renowned for its dynamic nature, characterized by the non-stop launching of new products to maintain a competitive edge.



Our expertise doesn’t stop at manufacturing, and we are working in a much broader range of industries, including finance, healthcare, energy, and retail.