What We Believe

Many business leaders today ask themselves how they can sustainably grow their brand. They are lived by the day-to-day and business-as-usual and simply don’t make the time to unlock their true growth potential. We help our clients grow their network and get to know their market with warm listening skills and a hands-on approach.

We believe that a company’s future depends on its capacity to stay market-driven and prioritize human connections.
Tom Dekkers
Our Purpose: Magic Connection

Merluno uncovers and amplifies the magical power of people and their organizations. We help them connect with their surroundings, fostering genuine, harmonious growth from within at every level, leading to a sustainable world.

We Love Humble Beginnings

We don’t believe we have all the answers, but we embrace the white page and use our fresh outside-in view to make humble beginnings.

We believe the answers are right before us: you have them and your market has them. It’s just a matter of bringing them together. That’s what we do.

Never underestimate the strength of human connections. The importance of ‘How are you doing?’ cannot be overstated. We believe deep listening skills make the world a better place and contribute in a big way to the sustainable growth of your business.

Personal leadership

We believe that personal leadership and work-life balance have nothing to do with Generation X, Y or Z. It’s the logical and responsible way to run your business.

We are happy to work our asses off for our clients, but we also know that overworked peers don’t deliver great work. And we always choose great work over burnouts. We love to see our peers grow as a person and as a leader.