We are Merluno

We have been breaking down the walls between consultancy, agencies, and B2B telemarketing since 2019.

We are based in Antwerp and specialize in commercial growth acceleration and market expansion for B2B companies. Over the years, we have turned +1500 businesses outside-in and along the way, we developed a strong network in markets like Construction, IT & Tech, Life Science, and Manufacturing.

We are here to help

Our services range from market research over strategy consulting to business development and sales training. Most of our clients choose a personal mix of services, tailored to their needs. But our focus is always market-driven growth and innovation.

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Get to know us

Our team has the right mix of market experience and a fresh outlook on that same market. Get to know the brains behind Merluno.

Tom Dekkers

Partner, Founder & CEO

Tom is our founder. He guards the values of Merluno, the clarity of our services, the soundness of our decisions, and the safety of our colleagues and business partners. He loves and truly values authentic connections and is eager to inspire people how to build such connections. Tom is known as a respectful person and combines his amazing soft skills with a strong business vision.

Magali Silber

Partner & General Manager

Magali started her career at Merluno as a young graduate in 2010. She evolved quickly from a business developer to an intrapreneur who guards the heartbeat of our company. Her strength is to create a nourishing environment where trust arises and people feel free to be productive while having fun. Besides her internal role, Magali also manages programs for our clients and loves to contribute to their genuine growth.

Sander Van Dam

Partner & Sr. Consultant

Sander is our Lead Consultant and loves to make his hands dirty for our clients. He is passionate about helping identify new growth opportunities and guide our customers in their journey to achieve their goals.

Nathalie Van Oost

Partner, Sales & Culture

Nathalie joined Merluno in 2010 and is our lead trainer & coach. Her passion for people is remarkable. She loves inspiring others and fostering environments where people and ideas can thrive. With a background in applied economics and a passion for conscious growth, Nathalie knows how to pierce through thought patterns and give impulses to see possibilities instead of obstacles. She loves adventure, nature, healthy food, yoga, sports, & travel. 

Andy Vande Voorde

Business Developer

Andy is our Strategic B2B business developer. With 7 years of experience in business development & sales roles, complemented with experience in project management and entrepreneurship. He leverages his diverse background and knowledge to identify opportunities and drive growth for our clients. He is a driven person with a passion for connection.

Jasper De Ridder

Business Developer

Jasper is our junior G2M and started with us after gaining experience in the marketing world. He discovered that understanding the market and all its stakeholders is a passion rather than that it feels like work. At Merluno, Jasper fully unfolds in the projects, where he sees an opportunity for connection in every company’s challenge.

Sasha Verstraeten

Business Developer

Sasha started her career as a recruiter and joined Merluno recently as a Business Developer. Her background in recruitment has sharpened her skills in understanding client needs and matching them with the right solutions. Sasha thrives on challenges and her dedication to fostering strong, lasting relationships makes her an indispensable member of our team, driving growth and success for both Merluno and our clients.

Nathan Verduyn

Business Developer

Nathan joined Merluno as a business development consultant and is responsible for the business development and new clients of Merluno itself. As a member of Toastmasters International, he is eager to improve his communication and leadership skills within the company. Besides that, one of his biggest passions lies in powerlifting. Oh yes, he likes peanut butter … a lot.

Willem Bonneux

Lead Consultant

Willem has over fifteen years of expertise in new business development across more than ten countries. He is result-oriented and is passionate about market validation, product innovation, and achieving tangible results in turnover and profitability. Apart from building businesses at Merluno, Willem is a lecturer at a university college and an advisory board member.

Get to know Merluno’s Expert Ecosystem

We are not alone. While our expertise is sound, we closely collaborate with dedicated experts for specific challenges that need extra hands and skills. Get to know the expertise behind Merluno’s Expert Ecosystem.

Data Science

Want to make data-driven decisions to become more competitive?


Want an experienced CFO to have a look at your finances?

Storytelling & Copywriting

Want to bring your new positioning to life and find your tone-of-voice?

Personal Development

Need help for the personal development of some of your key people?


Want to dig deeper into your sustainability challenges?

Company Culture

Do you struggle with keeping and attracting the right people?