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MMâ„¢ the Merluno method: true connection is the key

Growth potential search

Market opportunity scan

Unique value proposition

Market validation

Growth plan

Business development

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Growth Potential Search

  • Uncover your intrinsic (core) strenghts
  • Understand what holds you back from growing
  • Create your DNA-compass for better decision making

Market Opportunity Scan

  • Explore your context with stakeholders and experts
  • Understand your true customer value & NPS
  • Identify opportunities for essential problems & (changing) needs
  • Renew your market vision and innovate

Unique Value Proposition

  • Validate hypotheses and solutions in co-creation with the market (deep listening to potential customers)
  • Capture the expectations
  • Develop a unique, focused value offer

Market Validation

  • Build personal relationships with potential clients
  • Qualify and quantify the market potential
  • Identify the first customers and generate market traction

Growth Plan

  • Reveal your business case and growth investment
  • Build your business model, pricing and go-to-market
  • Create your offering and market strategy
  • Compose an advisory board (expertise and network)

Business Development

  • Accompany offering and market strategy
  • Offline/ online outreach
  • Commercial opportunities
  • Sales training & field coaching

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