Subsidy Advice

We help you find the extra funds needed to grow

In an increasingly rapidly changing world, it is important that you continue to evolve. These transformations are often accompanied by large investments. Companies can usually count on financial support for this. Together with our partner A-chief, we guide you through the jungle of subsidies.

Why choose Merluno & A-chief for your subsidy advice?

Every day we see opportunities for our clients and we don’t want to see them go to waste because of low finances. From innovation to internationalization, most opportunities have corresponding subsidies to fund your efforts.

While we identify the opportunities, our partner A-chief has tons of experience in getting in those funds. No cure, no pay.

How can we help you?


Innovation, research or development

Do you want to investigate whether an innovative idea is feasible, proceed with concrete development, or market your new product or service?


Sustainability and circularity

Do you want to invest in innovative technology for energy efficiency, recycling waste, or reducing raw material use or emissions? Do you want to make your production process more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly or close your materials cycle?



Do you want to automate processes in and for your company with smart data? Are you thinking about optimizing processes for your customers with artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, machine learning, etc.?



Do you want to explore new foreign markets, open a foreign prospecting office, or plan a prospecting trip? Or do you want to translate your website, corporate film, or social media for your new sales market?



Do you want to invest in an innovative and ecological improvement process? Are you planning investments – linked to innovation – in tools, production processes, company buildings?


Employment and training

Looking for retroactive correction of missed social security discount, recovery of withholding tax, disrupted zone support, workability cheque, SME portfolio, Flemish support premium, …?

Curious if your case is eligible?