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Sales Training

Sales Training

Prospecting is something you can learn

What always worked, doesn’t work any longer. Is your sales team still on the road with a PowerPoint presentation or a sample folder? Probably they need to adopt new ways of business development. Today, the market isn’t waiting for your latest release. The market is waiting for a reply on their most urgent challenges.

Train your sales team to be proactive and to listen. Learn them to ask the right questions, connect, and understand. Last but not least: learn a new generation of business developers to focus on what’s important and pick up the phone to call. Prospecting is something you can learn!

What you get


Models and theories of communication


Cold calling workshop: how to start a conversation?


Workshop about listening skills


Guided field visits


Honest and constructive feedback

Why Choose Us

Why choose Merluno for your sales trainings?

Companies invest a lot in business development. From hiring an army of sales reps to buying expensive digital services for lead generation. The automation possibilities are endless. Although we believe in the importance of digital outreach, we are convinced human connections still make a difference.

Choose Merluno to adopt a new way business development: sustainable sales. Make your organization future-proof and train your sales team to build a loyal network based on valuable human connections.



How can we help you?

Do you want to train your sales team to connect to your market? Do you want to learn deep listening skills to boost your business development? Or do you need more efficiency in your sales team?

Drop us a message or leave your number and we’ll call you back within 24 hours.