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Round Tables

Round Tables

Expand your network and get inspired

Merluno is all about human connections. What better way to live this vision than by organizing round tables. They offer a conducive environment for generating fresh insights in business for several reasons and promote equality and inclusivity by eliminating hierarchical structures. This encourages all participants to contribute freely. The layout enhances communication by removing physical barriers and ensuring that everyone can easily engage with one another. This fosters open dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

Collaboration is encouraged by removing the notion of a designated leader. This allows participants to work together, build upon each other’s ideas, and explore different perspectives. Additionally, the setup creates a focused environment by minimizing distractions and promoting concentration on the ongoing discussion. Sitting in close proximity facilitates relationship building among participants, fostering trust and cooperation.

Organizing a round table is often the perfect solution to gain valuable insights from thought leaders and key people in your area.

What you get


The ideal topic that your market is interested in


A round table organized in a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere in our offices


A guided discussion with key people around the table


Profile and contact details of the participants


Transcript of the round table and bundled insights

Why Choose Us

Why choose Merluno for your round tables?

Who else? Round tables are one of our trademarks and it is a unique way to get to know your market and get inspired by your peers. And it’s a fun way to get to know interesting people and expand your network with the right professionals. You don’t have to take our word for it, this is what the participants have experienced:

How can we help you?

Do you want to sit with thought leaders and key people in your market? Do you want to get inspired and receive valuable insights? Or do you want to participate and share your knowledge?

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