Construction: an industry in transition

Construction has always been one of our favorite industries because of its high level of entrepreneurship and courage. The construction industry stands as a cornerstone of global development, crafting the physical landscapes we inhabit. However, more than ever the industry is tested, particularly in the realm of sustainability and the creation of added value.

Companies have to reinvent themselves as the industry struggles with a wide range of challenges: the environmental footprint of its operations, the digitization of the industry, the macroeconomic situation, the increasing costs of labor and resources, and the challenge of finding employees. We help companies in construction to navigate these challenges and catch a new breath.

What we add to the construction industry

Our in-depth knowledge and large network have been put to good use to help companies in and close to the construction industry: from architecture, engineering, and housing development over building materials and prefab to technical installations and energy monitoring system providers.

Our outside-in view of the industry allows us to have a clear overview of the challenges and opportunities of the industry.

Companies we've helped

Some growth topics we’ve covered


Construction of added ‘upstream’ value


Vertical integration


From product to service


Business development earlier in the decision process


Becoming more proactive and customer-oriented

How can we help you?

Do you have specific challenges? Do you want to understand your market better? Do you want to speed up innovation? Do you want to know the potential of a new product or service? Or do you just want to grow? We’re happy to help you navigate your market.

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