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We are not a marketing agency, not a consultancy firm, and not a call center. However, we offer services like Market Research, Value Proposition Design, Go to Market, and Business Development, tailored to your industry.

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Over the years, we have helped make +1500 businesses future proof and along the way, we developed a strong network in markets like Construction, IT & Tech, Life Science, and Manufacturing.

Our phone book allows us to get the right insights from the right people from day 1. This will help you to dive deeper into your market, launch new products or services sooner, and start doing sales much quicker.

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Round tables are one of our trademarks and it is a unique way to get to know your market and get inspired by your peers. And it’s a fun way to get to know interesting people and expand your network with the right professionals.


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  1. We are sincerely interested in all of our clients, big or small.
  2. We don’t pretend to have the answers but we’ll get the answers by picking up the phone, calling, and talking directly to your market.
  3. Our way of working instantly delivers qualitative sales leads as we get to know your market better.

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Merluno has helped us significantly increase our footprint in Belgium and the Netherlands and better understand the specific needs of these markets. Additionally, they also helped us determine the strategy to make QualityKick the best-performing SAAS solution for quality systems. Today, QbD achieves €15 million in turnover in Belgium, and €1.5 million in the Netherlands, including €750,000 in recurring revenue for QbD Software. 

logo QbD
Bart Van Acker
CEO Quality by Design
Over the last few years, it has become clear that buyer’s behavior in the B2B space has changed drastically. And we are facing an urgency to shift how we develop and grow our business. We have found great success during our long-term collaboration with Merluno on various market-driven growth projects. It is a pleasure to work with the people of Merluno and to bounce ideas off. 
Cegeka Logo Color
Pieter Goyens
Marketing Manager Cegeka

Last year Pidpa was investigating our market position in a particular industry. Merluno plunged into the requested ecosystem and provided us with actionable insights. They excel in gathering data and they were able to deliver comprehensive reports on short notice. Besides the positive growth-oriented outcome, the Merluno team is a pleasure to work with!  They found the right balance between a casual, informal approach but never lost their high dedication and professionalism.

pidpa logo
Alynne Kuypers
B2B Product Manager Pidpa
Merluno facilitated a smooth, open and efficient onboarding. They made sure they were well up to speed with our value proposition and offering as soon as possible. From that moment on, they were not only helping us in defining our market position, but in the same time acting as sales channel and broadening our network. The open & direct communication contributed directly to our successful cooperation.
Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 08.53.16
Thomas Pels
CEO Made.

Though excited about our new strategy, we struggled to position it successfully. Merluno helped us find our sweet spot in the project sourcing market and gave words to our unique proposition. They delivered a pitch that aligned our values and ambitions with market needs, tested it thoroughly with potential customers and supported our team in delivering it with confidence. The way they work is human, pragmatic, and always honest.

Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 08.48.03
Kristel Seymus
CEO Planet Talent
I want to thank Merluno for their fantastic work. I am impressed about the hands-on attitude that led to solid results without losing sight of structure or strategy. Hard work has been done but produced a beautiful plan of approach with concrete actions. I enjoyed our collaboration and the conversations we had aside from the project.
Jean-Luc Verstraeten
CEO ALT Technologies
Merluno achieved great and concrete results thanks to her open and innovative mindset, perseverance and transparent operation. She ensured concrete market introductions to leading car manufacturers worldwide and validated our assumptions. This has led to a more focused innovation process.
Bekaert Logo
Ward Snoeck
Global head of technology and innovation Bekaert
The purpose of our project was to boost and achieve the full Trevira CS brand potential in the flame retardant fibers. Merluno worked with us on a structured, tailor-made strategic marketing and growth plan. With high professionalism and engagement, Merluno analyzed potential growth areas, market dynamics, opportunities, challenges, and market sizes in the various regions. Honesty, kindness, openness, and respect make the journey even more satisfactory!
Indorama logo
Claire Mattelet
VP Strategy Indorama
The Merluno team introduced and co-developed a new value proposition for the European market leader in wall decoration. Making the house a safe space through the application of a non-chemical antivirus coating.
grandeco logo
Patrick Molemans
CEO Grandeco
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Our clients are local companies, multinationals, and scale-ups.


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