VOKA & Merluno create synergy through the Sales Strategy Master Class 2019

We are proud to share that all participants of the Sales Strategy Master Class have graduated! Not only did they receive various easy-to-implement tools to strengthen the (magical) connection with their market… They also learned about the impact of authenticity and openness throughout the whole customer journey.

We are very grateful to VOKA Antwerpen-Waasland to offer us the opportunity to meet so many companies wanting to know more about market development and the specific approach of Merluno. Our two sales trainers, Nathalie Van Oost & Sebastiaan De Block, make sure that every participant experiences an attitude change. That change, for us, is a deeper connection with their own mission and leadership within the company they are working for. We always start this change by broadening their understanding of the incremental value of being a sales representative.


Make a customer, not a sale!


Curious for our approach? Read below about our program and send us an e-mail if you want to know more about our in-company trajectories!

Session 1 | Fundaments of growth

Session 2 | Communication models

Session 3 | Practical prospection training

Session 4 | Closing, account management & upselling

Session 5 | Creating a culture of continuous business development


We also asked our participants what their definition of sales was at the beginning of the trajectory:

“sales is intrusive and about convincing people”

“sales is capturing all opportunities and sometimes being a bit dishonest”

“sales is representing a company, by focussing on selling and reaching your target”

“sales is unknown territory, reacting on questions and troubleshooting”


… and then we asked it again at the end: 

“sales is about people and daring to speak your mind, creating an open culture”

“sales is the investment in the full customer process”

“sales is about listening and putting your customer first”

“sales is about asking the right questions and looking for the matching needs”

“sales is about creating a trusting environment and understanding your customers”

“sales is about determination, starting from your core”


Curious for a live testimonial?

Check out our instagram story from the sales manager of CMA CGM!