Use this guided meditation with your team!

We at Merluno believe that a good way to embody your future is through visualization and meditation techniques: imagine yourself as you are now in your future. This simple thought exercise alone helps you break out of the mental limitations of thinking about what things should be like, and open up to what things could be like.

Our colleague Guirec has made a guided meditation you can perform with your team. Imagine where you will find yourselves in one, two, or five years depending on your preferred horizon.


Everybody closes their eyes, listens to the story and visualizes it. After the exercise, take 5 minutes, write down what you experienced and share it with the group.

This exercise is complementary to the more systematic quantification of your goals. Both are equally important:

  • Outline your minimal success criteria or key objectives or you will always fall short of reaching them;
  • Embody your future success or you will never be able to experience it.

At Merluno we do this for ourselves and for our customers. It helps us and the customer to slow down and capture the essence of what we want to achieve.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the moment.


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