Tinne van Ham

Project Manager, Merluno

Hi! My name is Tinne. I kicked off my professional career at Merluno in 2007 and have since then witnessed the beautiful evolution we went through. Today, I am proud that our core value and potential are the foundation of everything we do.

As mainly an internal controller and also an office manager, I create space and freedom for my colleagues by giving them overview, continuity and sustainability. I love supporting and unburdening others by creating and monitoring our processes, caring for our foundation and making sure we decide from the whole. For our customers and consultants, I am a guide that reveals, creates and activates their full potential and that of their market.

In order to protect my “zen”, I love gardening and baking, the small things in life. I am lucky to be surrounded by my beloved husband, two children and friends who inspire me to be the best version of myself.