Sander Van Dam

Consultant, Merluno

Hi! My name is Sander. I helped build the pathway towards Merluno since 2013: a consultancy company with a holistic approach that helps organizations achieve genuine growth. My purpose is ‘unfolding the truth by connecting the dots’.

I assist our customers in creating insight in their growth potential, from both a market and organizational perspective (unfolding the truth). I help them reach this potential by facilitating goal setting, strategy and the creation of roadmaps (by connecting the dots). I take on this role in project execution, as well as in presales. That is how I help ensure we outline the project scope in the best possible way!

My role within Merluno is actually very similar: defining milestones for the company and how we work our way up to them. My strong suit is design and organization, to put our (ever evolving) services into practice, making sure that our consultants address the customers’ needs.