Andy Vande Voorde

Business Developer

Hi, My name is Andy. I joined Merluno after 7 years of discovering businesses from the inside out.  Mainly in a business development or sales capacity, but I also spend some time at the heart of the operations from companies as a project manager. Besides that I have dipped my toes in the world of running my own business for a few years as well.

Today at Merluno I use all the different perspectives I gathered from the different people and businesses I came across with, to help other business in reaching their full potential as a Strategic B2B business developer.  With at it’s core, the people. At Merluno that is what it is all about, the connection with the people we come in touch with every day. Cause it is people that create and achieve.

Let’s put our masks down and connect heart to heart next time we talk, and focus on what allows us to make your business reach the next level in it’s success.