Start with why: what’s your business’ reason for being?

When you build a house, you start with a solid foundation. The same applies to brands, business and products. In this case, the foundation is the reason why you’ve decided to sell a product or deliver a service. No matter how good your product or service is, if there isn’t a story involved, you will have difficulties getting noticed by your audience. In this article we want to show you why it is so important to start with why. 

Simon Sinek created the Start with why – theory, containing 3 important questions: 

  • Why? This is the core belief of your business.
  • How? This is how your business fulfils that core belief.
  • What? What does your company do to live out your potential? 

He inspired us to create our own helpful theory that we’ve consolidated in our Marketing Passport checklist. Read more about it in this article.

Start with why: the magical connection


Most people never discover a business or service by accident, and they certainly don’t decide to make use of this product or service based on coincidence. The reason they make a choice is not only because it solves a problem for them, but also because there is a certain (magical) end-to-end story that compels them. They are interested in why you are solving this problem for them. 

That exactly is what you have to ask yourself: what is my story, and why do I do what I do? What are my strengths and weaknesses?

You’ll agree that the sole purpose of your company is not making money. Profits are merely a gateway to achieving your mission, for instance making people’s lives easier, providing them with excellent products or helping them reach their own goals. 

What is Merluno’s reason why you might ask? We believe strongly in the magical power of people and their organizations: that’s why we want to empower them by helping them achieve their true potential. That’s our mission and our reason to live. 

In short: starting with why means deciding for yourself why you’ve started your business in the first place. Let customers know that there’s a story behind your organization, and moreover: a story they can believe in themselves. So it’s not only about your mission, but the reason why people would believe in that mission. 


How: Holistic Activation, Deep Listening, Partner Ecosystem


After you’ve answered the ‘start with why’ – question, it’s time to look further. You’ve got your story, your mission, but how are you going to achieve it? This is the how-question you must ask yourself. 

Merluno achieves its mission through Holistic Activation: we take every aspect of your company into account so as to discover your reason for being. We achieve this through Deep Listening and our emphasis on the human dimension of our customers. Specialized partnerships help us develop and stimulate sustainable growth. 


What do you do?


If a (potential) customer has heard your story and learned how you will solve a problem for him, the next step is to back your story up with hard facts. Show your customer how effective your product or service is: convince him that you’re definitely offering the best solution there is.

Why would your customer choose you over your competitors? A beautiful design maybe? Extra features? Happy customers that are ambassadors to your brand? All these things can accelerate the decision making of your audience. Essentially, these features will: 

  • Offer justification: they show that you can back up your claims of being the best solution to their problem;
  • Differentiate you in a crowded market: people will recognize, appreciate and remember your brand.

If you do it right, customers will appreciate your story even more because they aren’t merely interested: they believe what you say. 

What does Merluno do? Market development based on the magical connection between people and organizations, with enthusiasm and a keen interest in personal development and the human dimension. 


Let your story resonate throughout your entire organization


The start with why-principle is not simply a marketing tool. It’s your entire DNA: it’s what makes you stand out in the crowd and what makes customers like, love and remember you. 

That’s why it’s essential that your story resonates throughout your entire organization and customer journey: from the first time a customer notices your brand until he has made a second, third or fourth purchase. 


Let Merluno help you reach your true potential 

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