Purpose! A new eye catcher – Embodiment? The new game changer!

Purpose! A new eye catcher – Embodiment? The new game changer!

We find inspiration everywhere. Books are written, workshops can be attended, events are hosted and podcasts overflow us every day to discover our true purpose. Yet, when Merluno organised a round table with field experts, we all felt that the embodiment of purpose in companies is missing today. And that’s needed to really change the game.

What if you have your purpose and you made contact with that field of endless possibilities? Your natural questions is: “What’s next?”. Companies need a toolbox to integrate their purpose so change for the better is possible. That is exactly what this round table was about. We are putting our heads, but foremost or hearts, together to change the world. Our common dream?

“Companies with a clear purpose that is embodied in the organization, so people can contribute from their own talents and become leaders.” 

Yasmina Fadli, entrepreneur, corporate game-changer and sales coach awakes people all over the world to start from their own purpose & strenghts. She activates people to do what makes them happy, to be authentic and to extrapolate that strength in their sales actions and strategy. Together with Ariane Verrijken she speaks about the abundance of questions they get about motivation, innovation and engagement on the long term. For Ariane, as a leadership coach, purpose is a crucial part of stepping into your light and entrepreneurship. Apart from her life changing workshops (available to everyone), she inspires companies to activate leadership.

With Tom Dekkers as a moderator, fire-starter and CEO of Merluno the first stone is put in place. All starting from the question how companies can start living their true market potential. This in an attic in Antwerp, surrounded by trees changing colour and some coffee to keep us warm. We are excited to see & feel where this first -magical- encounter will bring us.

Curious at how our story evolves? What the effect is of four international entrepreneurs putting their incredible experience together? Stay tuned!

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