Our new name – letter from our CEO

Dear Partner,
Dear Friend,

It is my privilege and pleasure to introduce you, on behalf of The Team Formerly Known as Velocitas, to our new company name: Merluno!

The name Velocitas did no longer fit our renewed market position. In an ever-changing world, numerous phenomena bring people and their organizations out of balance. Consequently, we wanted more than just “speeding things up” – what Velocitas (Latin for acceleration) essentially stands for.

Merluno helps organizations reveal their true market potential and enables them to take action from the heart of their mission.

Our baseline, “live your true market potential”, is a call for radical simplicity. Our consultancy services leave nothing to chance. They revolve around three main axes: ‘reveal-ing your market potential’, ‘creat-ing your strategy’ and ‘activat-ing your organization’.

Of course, we are not alone in this journey. Being proud of our colleagues and partners, we introduce you to the Merluno team.

Welcome to our new beginning!

Warm Regards,

Tom Dekkers, CEO Merluno

Here are some impressions of our magical launch event.