One way to experience our values

Since its inception, Merluno has considered nature as an important source of inspiration for an organic review of the way a company operates. Nature thus becomes an effective analogy for Merluno to describe its internal and external organizational systems, but it also inspires a specific identity.

Frederic Laloux, after his Reinventing Organizations, would describe Merluno like a ‘teal’ organization: an independent entity that is self-organized, self-managed, and whose structure is decentralized. Today we find ourselves in a context where transparency generates trust, and this trust constitutes the foundation on which sustainable projects rely. Business development is now based on a corporate philosophy that no longer distinguishes between internal and external operating methods: the ‘holistic’ approach has naturally become part of today’s entrepreneurial ecology.

Merluno accordingly defines four values ​​that are intrinsic to its philosophy, and which are reflected in its daily relations with employees, customers, partners, and the like. Although different, these principles are complementary, and describe an organic development cycle that naturally evokes the seasons and sets in motion winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

Today, Merluno is proud to be able to integrate its values into its corporate philosophy, but also to have them embodied in four gins – all equally distinctive and representative of the flavors specific to each season.

Pure | Winter
It all starts in winter. At first a climate of purity and transparency conducive to emptiness, but which gradually proposes to return to the essential. It is a question of introspection, of drawing conclusions from the past, but also of letting go in order to be able to renew oneself.

Daring | Spring
Spring follows winter with boldness, the daring value of Merluno. This is the season for innovation and the development of new ideas. It is in this climate that we find space and time to grow and awaken potential skills. Here, ideas become projects.

Warm | Summer
Summer warms up spring and provides the necessary warmth for the cohesion and consolidation of projects. It is about forging relationships of trust in which vulnerability grows as a force and respect transpires. It is a search for balance.

Resilient | Autumn
Autumn is the gentle transition from summer to winter. This season implements the changes initiated, and prepares for the rebirth of identity. Resilience naturally finds its place in this capricious and colorful climate. Autumn invites us to adapt, to stay in motion, and not freeze into known structures. The nature of relationships is intensified and tested in new and unpredictable situations. It is time to harvest; responsibilities are assumed.