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Merluno goes Forest

A message from our Treesponsible

For any market analysis, any strategy exercise, and any business development trajectory, the real gain for Merluno lies in the relationship with ourselves, our society, and our planet.

Humanity influences nature on a large scale. When our energy is channelled towards what we desire, we often don’t see its true cost. And certainly not when we lose the bond with our nature!

How can we act in service to that nature if we don’t recognize that we are nature

Connected and ‘in touch’ with ourselves. Like well-rooted trees.

We render this metaphor explicit through our partnership with Go Forest! Together we plant trees in the Amazon forest to compensate for the CO2 emissions of our activities and those of our clients.

Who is Go Forest?

A Belgian organization with Sarah Parent at the helm, a driven woman with a crystal clear Why. We prefer to explain the mission of her organization by using her own words:

“Go Forest plants trees where they have the greatest impact, on both people and the climate. Forests slow down climate change and are the main reservoir for biodiversity. Unfortunately, deforestation is one of the biggest threats weighing on our planet today. Go Forest aims to restore nature by planting the right tree species in areas where they have the most positive impact on biodiversity, carbon storage, employment, life-sustaining local economies.”

And now in concrete terms? For every partnership Merluno enters into from November 1st 2021onwards, the equivalent surface area of the client’s headquarters will be planted in trees (the cost of which is €0.2 per square meter and 1 tree is planted per 10 square meters). And we hold you responsible: with Merluno, we cover half of this cost; the client pays the other half. In this way, we all do our bit.

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I take on the role of Treesponsible at Merluno to further shape this initiative. I look forward to sharing this story with you, and invite you as a company to set up your own initiative with Go Forest. Questions regarding our initiative will be happily answered via email, phone, or face to face with a cup of coffee. Feel free to drop by our office!

If you are curious to know how many trees you can plant relative to the size of your company, please check below.

Warm greetings,

How Treesponsible can you be?

Make an estimated guess:
If you know that for every 10 m² head quarter surface one tree would be planted, how many trees would you be able to plant?

Hoeveel m² telt jullie hoofdkantoor en hoeveel bomen kunnen dan geplant worden voor de schaal van uw bedrijf?

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