Our Customer Experience

Our best-intentioned words on this website cannot describe how customers experience us.

We  are proud of our customers, their journey and feedback on our collaboration. With a Net Promotor Score of over 75, we rank among the highest in the B2B servicing and consulting industry where 40 points is seen as excellent.

“Merluno proved itself in quality of outcome, flexibility and adaptability of the project approach and the collaborative way of working”

– Hector Paredes, Global Strategy Director

“A consequent execution of the agreed deliverables, value for money, a quick on-boarding and strong involvement, experience in building relations and networks in automotive have proved to be extremely valuable”

– Vincent Vermeersch, Global Business Development Manager

“Honesty, Kindness, Openness and Respect make the journey even more satisfactory!”

– Claire Mattelet, VP Strategy

“The purpose of our project was to boost and achieve the full Trevira CS brand potential in the flame retardant fibers. To support these ambitions we asked Merluno to work with Trevira on a structured, tailor-made strategic marketing and growth plan. With high professionalism and engagement Merluno analyzed potential growth areas, the market dynamics, the opportunities and the challenges and the market sizes in the various regions.

Based on these outcomes Merluno, in co-creation with Trevira, built a clear commercial business case with defined growth initiatives and organizational needs. Our next step will be now the implementation of the growth plan and we are convinced that with the support of Merluno will enable us to relaunch our success story”

– Guenter Wittmann, Application Strategy Director

“As a partner in market research and go-to-market advisory Merluno helped ABB throughout different collaborations in optimizing our market segmentation, developing strategic partnerships with engineering companies and the bringing digitized products to market. Merluno gives a human dimension to every project caring about the personal relationship and personal development.”

Peter Van Den Heede, Belux Manager


“The thoroughness of the study, cocreation throughout the project and empathy of the team led to a very positive Merluno Experience”

– Karin Peeters, Business Development Manager

Inetum realdolmen


“Since 2015 Merluno has been our partner in validating new business ideas, products, business models and markets. Merluno brings thought leaders and decision makers together that influence our wall decoration offerings. This helps us understand how we can better address their problems, pains and needs how we can strengthen our market position.


We have made a strong commitment to growth, and one of the foundations for achieving it is market-oriented innovation. Merluno helps us investigate these opportunities, substantiate our business cases and facilitate commercial partnerships. Today, we are one of the world’s leading wallpaper manufacturers with offices in Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Russia and Germany and represented in more than 80 countries.”

– Patrick Molemans, CEO

“Merluno helped ALT Technologies define our New Business Development Program that will impact the future growth of our company and identify new products and market opportunities in automotive. This was based on thorough market research, intermediate workshops and a growth sprint to cocreate a business plan. The work was substantiated with concrete and promising commercial opportunities with automotive industry leaders and a methodology to repeat the technological and commercial roadmaps.


We are very happy with the hands-on approach, good communication and final results. The collaboration was very open, respectful and honest.”


– Jan Van Honk, Sales Director

“I want to thank Merluno for their fantastic work. I am impressed about the hands-on attitude that led to solid results without loosing sight of structure or strategy. Hard work has been done but produced a beautiful plan of approach with concrete actions. I enjoyed our collaboration and the conversations we had aside from the project.”

– Jean-Luc Verstraeten, CEO

ALT Tech