Studio Wonderlust

Studio Wonderlust was founded 2 years ago by An Vermoere, a passionate video maker. After experiencing a burn-out, she decided to take the leap as entrepreneur and follow her passion. Today she wants to show people how beautiful they really are. An does this in a very authentic way, one that creates trust with customers and everyone around her. Her next step now is to grow her company so she can hire other video-passionates!

“Naast groei in omzet voel ik me als mens en ondernemer zelfzekerder, meer gefocust en succesvoller. Ik sta nu met beide voeten in het ondernemerschap, terwijl ik daarvoor vaak niet wist wat eerst te doen.” – An Vermoere, Founder


What is my purpose and how can I use it in my communication strategy?



Within a very competitive market, An felt the need to distinguish herself more explicitly in order to connect with the right kind of customers: “I make videos, but I am a lot more.” In her communication strategy she wanted to describe what exactly she means with ‘more’. Merluno helped her do that. Studio Wonderlust sought to pinpoint its goal of starting to communicate from a singular identity. The biggest challenge was the formulation of an achievable communication plan and a partner-in-crime that challenges her ideas and pricing strategy.



Merluno first focused on An as a person, before describing the Golden Circle of Studio Wonderlust. We started from the ‘Why’ of Studio Wonderlust, because that is the northern star that guides each of our decisions and actions. When we connected with the purpose of Studio Wonderlust, we paved the way for a focus on the ‘how’ and ‘what.’ For when the ‘why’ is clear, all other decisions left to be made start flowing. In this case the  focus lay first on the business plan, afterwards on the communication plan, and lastly on the actions to be undertaken for the attainment of our goals.

Step 1: Golden Circle & Goals

  • Brainstorm & exercises to reveal WHY & dream of Studio Wonderlust
  • Translation dream into goals & discussing barriers that need resolving
  • Simplifying positioning through enforcing HOW & WHAT

Step 2: Business plan & Communication strategy/tools

  • Translation offering Studio Wonderlust into business plan(ning)
  • Filtering communication initiatives & drawing-up communication plan based on capacity

Step 3: Follow-up on Communication actions

  • Monthly challenge, deepening & planning of communication actions


Key Findings and Outcome

So what did An get out of this process? Some clear principles to grow her business every day. This goes from a business plan, to sales targets, to communication actions planned in detail. With the Golden Circle as her compass, she can introduce herself and make an impact wherever she goes: whether a networking event or an online video.

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