Securex Luxemburg

“Merluno  helped us reinvent ourselves by starting from our own basic compentences.”  – Bart Coone, Director

How can we anticipate on and respond to the future needs of our customers ? Which strategies do we need to implement to have our organisation evolve from within?


In 2016 Securex reached maturity in its evolutionary cycle. The activity and sales are relatively stable, even stagnating at certain points, while the market keeps evolving. The customers’ needs however keep changing and competition is on the rise.

Securex management accordingly asks itself two questions:

– How do we anticipate on and respond to the future needs of our customers?

– Which strategies need we implement to have our organisation evolve from within?



Our support in five steps:

  • Connection: In this first phase Merluno reached out to the Securex team, as to their customers and prospectors by means of in-depth interviews. Accordingly a full overview of the current situation could be presented and a prospection protocol written out.
  • Awareness: This phase aims to make the teams realize the importance of a new, change-based approach. How? As spokesperson for the market did Merluno present a thorough analysis of the main tendencies to the entire Securex Luxembour team during a co-creation day.
  • Acceptance: The first steps towards change were an initiative of the teams themselves, who naturally became the leading agents of this transformation.
  • Ownership: The responsibility for the transformation at this stage lay entirely in the hands of the Securex teams, who conversely were capable of setting up the various actions of the transformation protocol. Merluno played second fiddle at this point as supporter, challenger, and counselor of Securex.
  • Wholeness: Once the structure, the teams, and the market have been calibrated and imbracted with each other, the stage is set for discussions on authenticity, development, driving forces, and agility of the organization.


Observations and Outcomes


“We worked with Merluno on the development of our strategy. For many years our growth remained stable at about 10%, which is above average for our field. With such an annual growth rate comes the distinct risk of complacency, and hence of remaining stuck in short-term thinking. All stakeholders thus remain far removed from the essence, squarely dominated by sheer numbers. We have come really close to such a scenario. Merluno helped us reinvent ourselves by starting from our own basic compentences.  Today we are an entirely new organization, even without implementing too many changes. Merluno’s contribution in this regard was nothing short of essential. They proposed us a methodology while safeguarding the necessary progress of the project. We have now redefined the strategy to allow for the integration of all operational processes. Everything is controlled into the minutest detail via performance indicators that are easy to manage and maintain. The end result is that we keep on growing, in a durable way, and with a coherent team.” – Bart Coone, Director Securex Luxembourg

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