Within the mechanical engineering market, NIVO consists of a team, led by managing director Nicholas Provo, of inventors designing and manufacturing custom made machines. This Belgian scale-up is predominantly active in the food industry, where they help producing companies to grow by distinguishing themselves in their product(ion process).

Merluno allowed me to discover my innermost potential and translate this to the outside world. – Nicholas Provo, zaakvoerder


How can I refine my business and communication strategy starting from my purpose?



Enormously passionate about his product, Nicholas feels that he if is indeed ready to take the next step with his company he will now need a clear positioning and hands-on business plan. With Merluno he returned to NIVO’s essential driving forces. Only once that compass had been clarified, we could proceed to a plan that really works, that creates surplus value for society at large. From that ‘WHY’ it was important to clarify NIVO’s sales and marketing processes. A crystal-clear website based on this internal compass was thereby an obvious priority for NIVO. Additionally, Nicholas sought a means to develop a team in which everyone is on the same page, and where the ‘inventor’-energy is catered towards maximal customer satisfaction.



NIVO immersed itself into the various services Merluno has on offer. After the ‘reveal’ of his WHY we moved into the create-phase to sharpen both the business model and positioning. Once that ‘theoretical’ basis was in place, we could start addressing together the technical company-related questions. How do I build a website? What is my target group today, and how can we expand it in the future? What are the building blocks of a solid team? What strategy is most fitting for me, my company, and my product?


Step 1: Reveal – Identity

  • WHY-HOW-WHAT workshop
  • Personal coaching

Step 2: Create – Market Strategy

  • Business Model Canvas workshop
  • Workshop on revenue model and target group definition

Step 3: Activate – Consulting

  • Content-based setup of website
  • Funding strategy
  • Direct and indirect sales-strategy


Key Findings and Outcomes

The concrete results of the collaboration can be viewed at where we can witness how the positioning has been translated into a clear marketing and sales strategy. On top of that, NIVO is currently working with Merluno to harvest the necessary funds in order to jumpstart its ambitious business plan. And lastly Nicholas can now also proudly recount his entrepreneurial story to everyone interested – whether this be granny on a Sunday, or during networking events… He tells his tale from the heart of his purpose, and it leaves a mark.  Have a look at the video below he made on the back of this crystal-clear positioning!  NIVO and Merluno will continue their collaboration for the duration of the ‘activate’-phase. Curious what else we are going to create? Follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn.