Lemon Companies

Lemon Companies is an Antwerp-based no-nonsense scale-up combining entrepreneurship and technology in such a way that it attracts a multitude of digitization projects. After several years of organic growth, and a nomination for scale-up of the year, they met with Merluno to shape their growth plans in a structural fashion.


“Merluno made us realize what kinds of projects and business lines are actually crucial for the future development of Lemon Companies.” – Filip Smet, Founder


How can I devise a structured growth plan?



In 2019 Lemon Companies found itself in a situation of generalized growth – both in terms of the team, as regarding services and request from customers that just kept on coming. In such a context where one opportunity is quickly followed by another one, a safe and reliable structure may then provide the extra impulse to keep steering this course. For, a structure in which responsibility is shared naturally generates greater motivation and appreciation. Lemon found the key to unlock this potential together with Merluno.



Before diving into an intellectualist structure replete with conceptual models, Merluno focused on the human element and the team. In a first stage a passport was devised of the current situation, alongside a clarification of the flag and ambitions of Lemon Companies, before effectively building the road leading to the flag.


Step 1: Intakes

  • What is everyone’s role in the organization today, and how does each perceive their potential for future development?
  • Where are the threats, and where are the (unexploited) opportunities situated?
  • Is there latent potential, as individually perceived?

Step 2: Management Brainstorm (Off-Site)

  • What does Lemon Companies stand for?
  • What direction do we want to take as a team?
  • What do we need as a team to attain our objectives?

Step 3: Custom-Tailored Growth Plan for Lemon Companies

  • Brainstorm based on Merluno-devised plan focusing on:
    • A redistribution of the business units, supported by 4 support centers
    • A meeting structure focusing on the different company capitals
    • A distribution of responsibilities and leadership


Key Findings and Results

Merluno signed off after discussion of a growth plan centered round the organization’s talents and needs. Lemon Companies now holds the key to international growth with a team rooted in connection and commitment. A clear call-to-action in terms of accountability proved – more than ever – fundamental in realizing their ambitions.


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