“Merluno helped us finetune our market positioning and introduced a goal-oriented way of working. The result is that we are now working on solid commercial opportunities.” – Marco Manganiello, Sales Manager


Insight, a cloud channel provider, boasts a strong experience with cloud solutions and licensing services. Due to limited sales and marketing resources, the company wanted to take advantage of a priority list of potential prospects – i.e. Who are the priority accounts with opportunities? What is their readiness to buy? How does one apply a smart segmentation based on clever insights? And especially: What to do to seize these opportunities?


We started with defining the main research question: “Which parameters determine the ideal clients for Insight and what would be the best positioning towards these clients?’

The project consequently was kicked off by a ‘Value Proposition & Segmentation’-brainstorm with the management team in order to clarify the market positioning and the assumptions of what the ideal client would look like. Through data science, Merluno created a list of companies that meet these assumptions, and subsequently interviewed the decision makers of said companies in two waves. The input of the first wave of conversations revealed that the former positioning was too confusing for the market, which we accordingly adapted in the second wave. We equally integrated the feedback into the segmentation, refined the algorithm, and reorganized the list of companies.


Based on our value proposition exercise, the data science based market research, account validation and research, an in- depth analysis was made on the match and gap of Insight’s value proposition with its target market. This analysis allowed Merluno to formulate a clear recommendation on how to further develop the market and seize opportunities.

“Over the course of two months, we got a clear sales accounts plan with priority companies ranked by their business potential, feedback on our positioning and numerous valuable opportunities that we can act upon.”
– Marco Manganiello, Sales Manager

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