Humgy is a dynamic startup offering co-working spaces in Belgium. They welcome self-employed people, home workers and starters keen to work in a productive environment.

“Merluno stelde ons de moeilijke vragen die noodzakelijk waren om verdere stappen te kunnen nemen. Ze toonden ons de weg naar het vinden van onze identiteit” – Olivier Kegels, Co-founder

How can I sharpen my corporate identity and translate it to a value proposition?


As a young and ambitious company Humgy found itself confronted to the challenge of convincingly formulating its identity and value proposition. Together with Merluno a nifty two-pager for in-house and external usage was devised that highlighted Humgy’s unique character.


Merluno organized two workshops with Humgy’s owners to let them reflect on who they are and why they founded their company. Via Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle-principle we worked towards a clear-cut WHY, HOW, and WHAT for the organization, which resulted in a two-pager detailing their value proposition.


Step 1: Defining Identity

  • First identity brainstorm along why/how/what-model
  • Formulating first draft outline

Step 2: Refining Identity

  • Second draft via brainstorm based on proceedings of session 1
  • Complementing with concept of reference market and documentation strategy
  • Processing new feedback

Step 3: Final Presentation

  • Discussion of final outcomes



Key Findings and Outcomes: The Humgy Method

Why: Humgy creates spaces that contribute to a better quality of work and life

How: By establishing the Humgy Hamlet based on three key elements of productivity:

  1. Focus
  2. Structure
  3. Energy

What: co-working spaces, best practice sharing, methodology

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