Cubewise is active as planning expert specialized in IBM’s Planning Analytics/TM1 software. They assist several companies in optimizing their reporting, planning and forecasting. It is an Australian organization operating independently in Belgium.

“I consider Merluno a high-quality extension of our small organization, providing expertise and skilled capacity in the fields of marketing, strategy and business development. More than once they provided an honest external view on how we run our business and present ourselves to the outside world.” – Dave Heleu, Cubewise

What is the market potential in the Netherlands, and how can I address this market proactively?


Having been active on an ad-hoc basis in the Netherlands for a couple of years, Cubewise now actively wants to expand in  the Dutch market. However Cubewise did not have sufficient insights in the needs, challenges and opportunities in the Netherlands. They moreover needed to define their target group further.


Merluno performed a market analysis in both Belgium and the Netherlands in view of mapping the maturity about TM1 of both countries. After having determined the market potential, a wishlist of 30 companies was devised from which Cubewise and Merluno could collaborate proactively. The Dutch market thereby was screened for planning solutions and the use of TM1.

Step 1: Brainstorm on Identity and Value Proposition

  • Mapping Cubewise’s identity via Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle-principle

Step 2: Market Analysis in Belgium and the Netherlands

  • Both countries were studied to gauge the maturity of Cubewise’s value proposition, the decision-making process for planning tools, and the market’s potential.

Step 3: Sustainable Market Development

  • Contacting 30 priority accounts in Belgium and the Netherlands for data-driven planning

Key Findings and Outcomes

An Immature Market

The market of Top 100 companies in the Benelux seems rather immature regarding data-driven planning. On the other hand the added value of data science with planning is not disputed. In this regard the Netherlands appears as the more mature market. Given the limited available experience, these markets to a significant extent still need to be nurtured. This requires a certain level of business development and a significant sales cost.

Increasing Complexity

Cubewise’s value proposition seems more interesting to companies operating in environments with high complexity: significant insecurity, multiple planners, large number of products, and a changing market. The innovators in this field have taken their first steps towards data-driven planning.

Multiple Stakeholders

The decision-making process is complex and spread out between multiple stakeholders and divisions. Most companies harbor a specific planning team in which one profile is typically responsible for planning and forecasting. Divisions like customer care, operations, or IT are rather considered influencers of said process.

Opportunities for Cubewise

There is an opportunity for Cubewise to approach the market with their specific value proposition, and so become an early mover in this field. This will be made possible by acting proactively, yet this will require significant effort given the customer journey and the market’s needs. By further refining the value proposition and developing buyer personas can Cubewise ultimately increase its match with the market.

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