Bigben is a company in the digital entertainment industry. They are active in the Benelux with a passionate team of 15 people.


Merluno accompanied us for 18 months in our transformation process. Mission, strategy, and company culture were revisited during this period. Through multiple meetings and workshops, the organisation was transformed from a pyramidal structure into a collaborative environment without formal hierarchy. The company’s core values (ownership / agility / team spirit) can now be expressed without either constraints or barriers. Thanks to Merluno our future is under way. – Daniel Janssens, directeur général


How can we, through a prospective process, secure a match between market needs and the organisation of Bigben’s services?



Bigben Benelux seeks to add a new perspective to its vision of a market in constant evolution, and which prompts a rethinking of targets, business model, communication, and accordingly also  of the model and culture of the organisation itself.

How to develop the company’s internal structure while becoming more agile in responding to market evolutions?

Indeed, the development and perenity of Bigben is inseparably tied to a freer organisational structure with an emancipated workforce and a more fulfilling work experience.




We perceive Bigben’s challenge within a global context. On the one hand it concerns aligning the organisation with its processes, competences, and, on the other hand, the challenges and needs of the market – the whole resulting in a globalized and durable performance.

But how to optimize the performance of existing (internal) resources while assuring success on targeted (external) markets? How to factor in profit, profitability, as well as employee and client satisfaction ?


The approach accordingly breaks down into different phases :


* Step 1 : Inside-Out

  • In-depth analysis of the organisation from Bigben’s perspective. Work on identity and objectives, vision, and values. Understanding the company’s driving logic, as well as its internal and external influencers. Aligning the teams.

* Step 2 : Outside-In

  • Analysis of key players capable of contributing to the achievement of Bigben’s goals in the market and compile their inputs towards the mission and vision of Bigben and its products.

* Step 3 : Match Analysis

  • Analysis and confrontation of the collected perspectives via a ‘match/gap analysis’

* Step 4 : Design

  • Designing a business plan for Bigben based on the inputs harvested during the previous phases

* Step 5 : Long-term accompaniment

  • Accompanying the teams in the realization of both the plan and the objectives
  • Individual coaching workshops


Key Findings and Results

Bigben today possesses an identity implanted in a more solid foundation: a vision, a mission, and shared values. The strategy and first principles for the company’s future have now been clearly defined, while the teams firmly proceed in this direction. Bigben is now fully capable of anticipating the evolutions in its market. Bigben’s structure today is far more agile – the teams work independently, and a consulting committee is put in place to facilitate the exchanges and decision making  between them. New collaborative tools have equally been implemented, and additional parameters like job satisfaction have now become part of the corporate culture.


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