A basic marketing checklist: what is the foundation for commercial growth

Over the years we have seen many valuable models and tools out there that help turn services and products into propositions that create value. We’ve had the privilege of discovering beautiful cases, working for and alongside our customers and activating them in this market potential.

The marketing checklist you’ll find below contains a number of conditions that all of these customers had set right. This checklist will help you formulate yours to achieve tangible results whilst fully representing (the meaning and intentions) of what you and your organization truly stand for. Feel free to use our marketing checklist to your own advantage. There is no fix-all solution to driving business success, but you can definitely get the basics right!

Product and value propositions


Over the years we have seen many valuable business models, ideas & tools to help turn services and products into “value propositions”. But the real deal is not the theory – it is when it manifests tangible growth. We’ve had the privilege of working alongside very impactful and sustainable customers. Only then we could see, listen and feel how they stand out!

Market research : what we’ve learned


To deconstruct our thinking and go multidimensional. To add more feeling. And to be true to yourself! Coming up with comparisons and best practices for innovation and commercialization is very insightful. Clarify what you know and what you assume. Do your market research! Investigate your market’s needs and how people look at your solution: 

  • Who is your target group? 
  • Who are your customers? 
  • What do they want? What do they lack? 
  • Where could and should your services or products offer help?


Truth about identity


Now stir it with a spiritual dimension: absolute simplicity! Until it looks simple, it seems to be difficult for many. Before you harvest, you sow. Preferably, you grow your seeds on a fertile ground: a clear identity carried by every member of your organization. Companies with a clear, outspoken and pure identity succeed more efficiently and effectively in their marketing and sales efforts. Here is the catch: you don’t need to add layers to make it look better. Rather, remember who you are. Grow your company from the core!


Marketing checklist: the basics


The marketing checklist you’ll find below consists of the primary questions where all of these customers touched base. It helps you set the right conditions for commercial success, achieve tangible results and thus natural growth. All the while, fully representing what you and your organization truly stand for. It will help you direct your sales and marketing efforts and align them with your identity, goals and customer’s needs. Instead of constantly looking for the new hype resulting in one-offs, it will help you bring a consistent message across. 

You ready? Let’s do this!


What about you? 


  • What impact do you want to make? 

Illustrate what the impact is you create when you deliver. What is happening today that could go better with your product or service? 

For instance: In a world focused on harder, better, faster, stronger, Merluno helps their customers focus on slowing down, developing from within, reveal the market potential, attract, and activate the organization. Natural growth from the core.

  •  What drives and motivates you? 

Understand where that spark originates and when you feel the magical connection in doing business and you will become to attractor to your market. 

Merluno’s energy enhancers are people, connection and the passion for the job of market development consultancy. Our drainers are malice manipulation, abuse of power, isolation (us and them), intellectual arrogance and societal belief systems that claim superiority beyond nature.


What about the market? 


  • Why would the market believe you? 

What world do you dream of?

Reveal your purpose, your contribution and the values you hold close to heart. It is not about what you want but about who you are. Be transparent, vulnerable and this way unpack the supplier ‘black box’. Your customer will learn to trust you as a partner in the journey ahead. 

Merluno desires natural growth through magical connection. We hold purity, daring, warmth and resilience close to heart.

  • What market space do you want to refer yourself to? 

What market do you operate in? What market space do your competitors claim? Choose your playground and set the stage. It is a frame you owe your audience because it helps the customer recognize you. If you have a hard time doing this, the easiest way is by asking your customers. And then take a stance. Choosing may look like losing, but actually it clarifies.

For Merluno, this is plain and simple business consulting.


What about your customers? 


  • Who is your ideal customer?

Describe the key characteristics of the people you like to do business with and the type of companies they work for. You’ve probably already heard of the importance of targeting: the more specific you (try to) define the qualities of your customer profile, the better you finetune your positioning and market communication.

But it is more than that: attention goes where energy flows. So whom do you want to work for?

  • Characterize the company. 

What industry, market or sector do you work for? What size of company do you focus on? Are they up- or downstream in the value chain? Do they work B2B, B2B2C or B2C? And so on…

  • Describe your buyer persona.

People do business with people. Understanding who sits at the other side of the table is key.

Who is your buyer persona? What are their tasks, roles and responsibilities? What do they need to get done?


What about your product or service?


  • What problems do you and your product or service help solve? 
  • What is the problem state? 
  • What prevents your customer from doing his or her job? 
  • What are obstacles they need to deal with? 
  • What risks do they face? 

Here you’ll identify the symptoms. These can be functional (e.g. unable to perform tasks) or emotional/personal.

Understanding where the problem originates helps you look for the right answer. Not always as easy to see or understand, as its symptoms, and therefore definitely worth exploring: you can learn to address the more deeper-seated issues and thus provide value where it matters.


Download our full marketing checklist

This basic marketing checklist can definitely help you get to the core of your business identity. Are you having trouble with answering these questions, or you want to delve deeper into your marketing DNA?

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